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Bio-Mineral Balanced Diet

Many people have their own idea of a balanced diet.  Allow me to share my perspective:


I’ve combined philosophies from Dr. Schuessler, Dr. George W. Carey, and Dr. Sebi as the major influence in my personal idea of a balanced bio-mineral diet.  All these doctors talk about Bio-Chemistry, which means chemistry of life.  According to Dr. Schuessler and Dr. Carey, there are Twelve Mineral Cell Salts present in healthy human blood, “the Elixir of Life”.  The 12 minerals that orchestrate the constant reconstruction of the human body “The stones the builders rejected.”

Hippocrates cured every disease known to man with nutrition.

A holistic approach to cures addresses Hydration, Breathing, Cleansing, Diet, Exercises, and Stress Management.

“If Nature didn’t make it, don’t take it” -Dr. Sebi

Dr. Sebi’s work with the Usha Research Institutes tells us that man-made foods (hybrids) are starchy, often contain cyanide, and make carbonic acidic in the body.

Alkalinity is important because the body is alkaline (7.36 pH).  Eating acidic foods such as Starch, Blood, and Dairy forces the body to balance it’s pH back to normal levels.  It does this by extracting alkaline minerals from the body, such as Calcium, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Sulphate, Silica, and Magnesium Phosphate.  Since Starch, Blood, and Dairy are what most people are eating these days, I wanted to address these minerals to assist you if needed.


– Fig Tree, growing from cutting

Avoid Hybrids and other foods that are Acidic on the pH Scale:

Rosehips, Echinacea, Goldenseal, Comfrey, Banana (except native small varieties when over-ripe), Licorice, Aloe Vera, Spinach, Carrots, Cassava, Cow Products, Pig Products, Lamb/Goat Products, Chicken products, Fish product, Corn, Potatoes, Rice (except Wild Rice), Kambucha, Beans (except Garbanzo), Barley, Fennel, Sugar Cane, Wheat (except for Spelt), Yams/Sweet Potato, Peppermint, Garlic, Cranberries, Pineapple, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Beets (most all root crops except for Ginger), and many more.

Homeopathic medicine is not beneficial, because they use lactose or milk sugar which is an acidic substance.  The theory of Homeopathic medicine may work better if they used date sugar instead.  In my honest opinion, any supplement should only be made by concentrating the mineral salts from alkaline plants.  It’s better to give your body a constant supply of these minerals directly from fresh organic produce, food grown from your garden, or from wild foraging.




– Florida Native Everglade Tomato

“A gorilla can not survive if given the food of the polar bear.”  Says Dr. Sebi in his seminars. By saying this he is pointing out his belief in genetic continuity of food. He believes that the African will not thrive on European food, but on native edible plants from Africa.

Doesn’t seem right to think that health can only come if you eat the food from your ancestral lands. Maybe instead the example that our ancestors lived, which was a life more in tune with nature, might be an example to follow.

The plants nature made, hereinafter Natives, that are from your ancient homeland might make you feel much more vital.  I am convinced however that any native variety is perfectly fine for human beings to consume. We are all in the same species.  We do not differ in bodily function as a polar bear would differ from a gorilla.

Finding the most Ancient Native Edibles and Ancient Medicinal Herbs in your location are essential. Growing them in your yards would be a good idea.  Creating native community food forest gardens would be a great service to your neighbors.




– Arugula

Trophology is the science of food combining.  It comes from knowledge of how the digestive system operates. If you don’t digest your food properly, the minerals will be wasted.  If you don’t know how to food combine with Trophology, the best thing to do is simply eat one type of food at a time.  Simplify your life, instead of complicating things with food mixtures. Especially if you are unaware of the effects your chemistry experiment has on your body. Simplifying the diet to one food at a time also allows you to get to know how your body reacts to each specific food type.  Avoid food and combinations of food that cause excessive gas and indigestion.

Focus on how the food makes you feel.  Dr. Carey points out that mineral absorption is disrupted by negative emotions such as anger, fear, worry, frustration, et cetera. If the food makes you feel tired or experience ‘low vibration’, then you should probably avoid the food or combination.  If it makes you feel ‘high vibrations’, then keep it on your grocery list or recipe.

Also it’s good to remember not to cook your foods, because it damages (kills) them.  Instead, eat them raw, so you can consume all available energy from food that is alive.  Eating dead food takes away water and nutrients from your body for the added effort to digest them.  All seeds and beans can become alive as soon as you soak or sprout them. The only food preparation tool you really need are your teeth.  Most people do not chew their food well enough.  Drink your food, eat your water.  I don’t mean to process your food in a blender and drink smoothies.  The friction from the blades cooks the foods and kills enzymes.  That’s why many people freeze their food before blending.  Eating naturally is much more agreeable for digestion.

Rinsing or even washing your food is necessary if you get food from the grocery store because even organic produce may have ‘organic’ pesticides on them.  If the food is from your garden, or sanitary locations that you choose to forage, then rinsing is not necessary.  In fact rinsing may eliminate the much needed vitamin B-12 that is naturally growing on the surface of food grown outdoors.  This tells me that the world wide B-12 deficiency is due to people not eating as nature intended.  Which is from food grown outdoors, harvested and eaten from the tree or plant, as is.

The Twelve Mineral Cell Salts:

My list is a personal list I made for myself, and is not a list intended to guarantee anything to anyone. Every human being is different and needs to find out the best diet for them, by studying their native varieties. Don’t stress, just do your best to eat older and older varieties of food at your own pace.

Some of these foods, of course contain higher concentrations of the minerals than others. I find that seeds, grains, and beans pack much more minerals than fruits, vegetables and herbs. That’s why I always eat more fruits, herbs and vegetable, and only a small amount of seeds, grains or beans.  How much you need to eat depends on your body type and your current health conditions.  You may need more of one mineral than the other; to heal and cleanse the system before you can flow with a routine maintenance plan.  Ultimately it’s best to eat more often, every couple of hours, to keep the fire going.  If you put too much wood in the fireplace all at once you could smother the fire and make it hard to recover.

Do reference Dr. Shuessler’s Biochemic Handbook, to know what minerals bring about natural cures for different ailments.

1.  Potassium Phosphate (Kali Phos.) -The Chief Corner Stone – More info on all the mineral salts soon to come.

Foods: Cherry Tomato, Wild Rice, Native Apples, Sprouted Lentils, Lettuce (not Iceberg), Figs, Apricots, Olives, Green Onions, Sprouted Native Lima Beans, Mushroom (not Shiitake), Mustard Greens, Small Size Native Banana, Dates, Sprouted Garbanzo Beans, Parsley, Acorn Squash, Amaranth, Chayote, Basil, Mango, Elderberry, Pumpkins, Currants, Soaked Truly-Raw Walnuts, Avocados, Guavas, Dates, Nettles, Cayenne, Blessed Thistle, Cucumber, Peaches, Pineapples, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew Melon, Lemons, Chickweed, Plums, Kale, Purslane, Burdock, Dandelion.

2. Sodium Sulphate (Nat. Sulph.)

Foods: Native Apples, Asparagus, Green Onions, Key Lime, Lime, Pumpkin, Soaked Truly-Raw Almonds and Walnuts, Lettuce (not Iceberg), Turnip Greens, Sprouted Garbanzo Beans, Soaked Dry Fruit, Grapes with seeds, Cherry, Coconut, Dandelion, Cucumber, Wild Strawberries, Green Onion, Olive, Lambs Quarters, Thyme, Plantain, Burdock, Yarrow, Ground Ivy, Sage, Golden Rod.

3.  Potassium Chloride (K Cl),

Foods: Apricots, Cherry Tomato, Garbanzo Beans, Avocados,Soaked Truly-Raw Almonds, Asparagus, Oranges with seeds, Wild Rice, Green Beans, Beets, Oranges, Mushroom (not Shiitake), Kale, Grapes with seeds, Raisins from Grapes with seeds, Cayenne, Ginger, Honey Dew Melon, Plums, Acorn Squash, Amaranth, Pears, Chayote, Mango, Elderberry, Basil, Currants, Cantaloupe, Peaches, Pineapple, Tomatoes, Lily of the Valley, Flax, Dandelion, Chickweed, Parsley, Lavender, Blue Vervain, Purslane, Burdock, Yarrow.

4.  Calcium Fluoride (Calc. Fluor.)

Foods: Whole Grain Sprouted Rye, Lettuce (not Iceberg), Kale, Small Size Native Banana, Cherry tomatoes, Asparagus, Turnip Greens, Kelp and other Seaweeds, Wild Rice, Soaked Whole Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin, Sprouted Whole Grain Rye, Green Onions, Grapes with seeds, Oranges with seeds, Lime, Dandelion, Chickweed, Watercress, Willow, Purslane, Burdock, Horsetail, Stinging Nettle.

5. Magnesium Phosphate (Mag. Phos.)

Foods: Sprouted Whole Grain Rye, Avocados, Sprouted Whole Grain Spelt, Soaked Truly-Raw Almonds and Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Figs, Limes, Key Limes, Native Apples, Peaches, Coconut, Wild Rice, Asparagus, Gooseberries, Cherries, Orange, Kale, Sprouted Whole Quinoa, Soaked Whole Sesame Seeds, Mustard Greens, Sprouted Amaranth, Cantaloupe, Currants, Acorn Squash, Sprouted Garbanzo Beans, Plums, Lettuce (not Iceberg), Wake Robin, Eyebright, Mistletoe, Marigold, St. Johns Wort, Blueberries, Green Onion, Dill, Burdock, Purslane, Chickweed, Chamomile, Parsley, Spearmint, Dandelion, Stinging Nettle, Horsetail.

6.  Potassium Sulphate (Kali.Sulph.)

Food: Lettuce (not Iceberg), Sprouted Whole Grain Spelt, Rye, Avocados, Amaranth, Quinoa, Teff, Oranges with seeds, Limes, Key Lime, Green Onion, Acorn Squash, Sprouted Amaranth, Cherry Tomato, Chayote, Elderberry, Currants, Mango, Basil, Kale, Cantaloupe, Honey Dew Melon, Mushroom (not Shiitake), Chickweed, Cucumber, Chicory, Endive, Watercress, Soaked Truly-Raw Almonds, Dill, Valerian, Purslane, Burdock, Dandelion.

7.  Sodium Phosphate (Nat. Sulph.)

Food: Wild Strawberries, Native Apples, Grapes with seeds, Raisins from Grapes with seeds, Soaked Truly-Raw Almonds, Asparagus, Sprouted Garbanzo Beans, Tomatoes, Olive, Sprouted Whole Grain Spelt and Rye, Wild Rice, Oranges with seeds, Limes, Key Limes, Parsley, Figs, Peaches, Thyme, Dandelion, Catnip, Burdock, Blueberries, Coconut, Watercress, Bee Balm.

8.  Calcium Sulphate (Calc. Sulph.)

Food: Asparagus, Green Onions, Cherry Tomatoes, Figs, Black Berries, Coconuts, Lettuce (not Iceberg), Kale, Turnip Greens, Small Size Native Banana, Black Cherry, Cucumber, Sprouted Garbanzo Beans, Soaked Truly-Raw Almonds, Watercress, Mustard Greens, Soaked Whole Sesame Seeds, Plums, Gooseberries, Chickweed, Burdock, Purslane, Blessed Thistle, Sarsaparilla, Stinging Nettles, Dandelion, Horsetail.

9.  Silica 

Food: Skins of Fruits and Vegetables, Green Peppers, Figs, Wild Strawberries, Pears, Native Apples, Sprouted Whole Grain Spelt and Rye, Wild Rice, Plums, Cherries, Agrimony, Burdock, Chicory, Red Clover, May Apple, Horsetail, Dandelion, Oak, Fever Few, Chickweed, Mallows.

10.  Calcium Phosphate (Calc. Phos.)

Foods: Oranges with seeds, Limes, Key Limes, Figs, Dandelion, Soaked Truly-Raw Walnuts and Almonds, Sprouted Whole Grain Spelt and Rye, Wild Rice, Parsley, Soaked Whole Sesame Seeds, Sprouted Garbanzo Beans, Avocado, Asparagus, Plums, Wild Strawberries, Blueberries, Wintergreen, Horsetail, Thyme, Slippery Elm, Chickweed, Shepard’s Purse, Kale, Lettuce (not Iceberg), Burdock, Stinging Nettle, Cucumber, Purslane, Coconut, Horsetail.

11.  Sodium Chloride (Nat. Mur.),

Food: Lettuce (not Iceberg), Squash, Soaked Truly-Raw Almonds and Walnuts, Native Apples, Peaches, Pears, Lime, Key Lime, Oranges with seeds, Green Onions, Olive, Cherry Tomato, Dates, Cayenne, Ginger, Asparagus, wild Strawberries, Sesame Seeds, Valerian, Plantain (herb), Cucumber, Coconut, Bay Berry.

12. Ferrum Phosphate (Ferr. Phos., aka Phosphate of Iron)

Food: Sprouted Whole Grain Spelt, Sprouted Garbanzo Beans, Green Onions, Lettuce (not Iceberg), Grapes with seeds and Raisins from grapes with seeds, Dates, Apricots, Peaches, Native Apples, Limes, Oranges with seeds, Plums, Figs, Mushrooms (not Shiitake), Soaked Whole Sesame Seeds, Wild Rice, Quinoa, Seaweed, Elderberry, Parsley, Wild Strawberries, Cucumbers, Soaked Truly-Raw Almonds and Walnuts, Amaranth, Irish Moss, Ginger, Sarsaparilla, Burdock, Guaco, Chickweed, Dandelion, Horsetail.

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The Road to Permaculture


While I was protesting at Wall Street, I figured something out:  Food and Space are the keys to a peaceful re-evolution of mankind.  In order for things to evolve towards a more humane and prosperous path, we absolutely need to feed people nutritious food, as well as provide a space for people to build the ‘new world’. When people eager to create something new are feed and given shelter, they can be productive towards that change with comfort and ease.

I connected with Occupy Farms so I could play a major role in fueling the movement.

Bill Henry, a kind and very accepting human being, allowed protesters to continue their work on his land in Wassaic, New York. I am forever grateful for his hospitality and the opportunity to test the waters of a life with nature.  The 185 acre property spans from the creek of a wide valley, to the top of a mountain, and beyond.  It was an amazing experience of ‘communal’ living, self education, and plenty of experience in the garden.

The farm is called Arc 38 For three years I focused on food production.  There were many visitors that brought in awesome bits of information that lead me into the right direction.


Throughout my time at the Arc, I had space to work and freedom to experiment.  Food was abundant, because we had a community that foraged for food and helped each other acquire needed resources.



I was able to get to know many different medicinal herbs and trees growing wild throughout the property. Almost all the medicine a human being would ever need, quite literally grows in their front yard; if people just let the weeds grow. Stop cutting your lawns and witness for yourself the gifts of the good Earth.  All you need to do is familiarize yourself with the medicinal qualities of local weeds.

We are not fully aware of our environment anymore, and have lost our connection to nature. The Earth is very rich with nourishment, we only need to realize what she has to offer.

If there was a variety of food available in abundance, and if there was space for people to learn and experience life at their own pace, then people would gain a sense of peace and productivity.

Imagine having food security for your entire community.


Imagine having a space that people can go to and live freely without the pressures of the corporate world.


Shelter is provided.  Communal spaces are made available for people to freely assemble. Work is focused on creating a prosperous and resilient environment.

Imagine a place with free ‘self’ motivated education, workshops, art centers, spiritual gatherings, fitness programs, that are all facilitated for community members; because what benefits one person benefits the whole.

Education would be more meaningful to you, since the time and space to focus on any subject you’re interested in is available.

Art would be more passionate, because it comes from the heart; instead of being made to compete in the market and ‘make a living’.

Well, I know it’s possible to live in these conditions, because that was my experience at the farm.

The Venus Project talks about a resource based economy which provides communities the ability to live in great abundance.  Yet the vision seems to be one drawn in the far future.  It’s a beautiful plan, but what can we do right now to reach that goal?  What are the steps we can realistically take towards that reality?

I thought about and searched for the answers for years, and I am confident that the solution is Permaculture.

Permaculture has three basic ethics:  Take Care of the the Earth, Take Care of People, and Giving all Surplus back to accomplish the tasks of Taking Care of the Earth and Taking Care of People.

Bill Mollison is the creator of the term Permaculture. He defines it as follows: Permanence- to permanently endeavor in;  Culture- practices that sustains human occupation of the Earth.  Thus, sustainability and abundance is obtained with the mentality of providing to humanity as a whole. Human beings are a part of nature, and we should be playing our roles in natures design.  What Bill did, was collaborate information of techniques, patterns of design, and solutions for energy, housing, food production etc. that has been collected from modern, ancient and indigenous cultures all around the world.

And it all starts with a garden.


Gardens built on the principles of Permaculture can produce yields that last for thousands of years.  Even if just a small percent of the current population began to apply Permaculture techniques in their own back yards, we could sustain humanity for centuries to come. We can act as an actual community and support each other, but we must let go of our dependency on destructive corporate entities.

Geoff Lawton, a student of Bill Mollison, and now a world renowned teacher of Permaculture design said, “All the worlds problems, can be solved in a garden.”

The solutions are obtained by following the patterns of nature.

A well designed garden can supply food year round in practically any environment, provide clean drinking water, give resources for building structures, and even create ways to recycle human wastes of all sorts.  From desert oasis to environments that freeze over in the winter, any environment can prosper  if permaculture principles are applied.

It’s time we begin to realize our purpose on this Earth. I find it hard to believe that our purpose here is to act as a destructive force on this planet.  We don’t need to have less of a negative impact, when we can have a positive impact on our environment.


It will take some sacrifices, some time to educate, and a little work; but if we want an Earth that will thrive for humanity, we must act on it and make it happen through our own initiative.  We can’t sit and wait for someone to save us from our ignorance.  We can green the deserts, restore the environment, free our fellow man, and eliminate the incentives of warfare.

There can be peace on Earth.  It is a choice we can make here and now. We won’t change the world overnight, but what we can do, we must do, or suffer the consequences of neglecting the environment that supports our very existence.

Let us act now, before it’s too late.

-Written and Photographed by Jose O. Mediavilla

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A Philosophy on Human Diet

885848_621546587902981_2065672555_o (2)

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.”–Genesis 1:29

“The leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.”–Revelation 22:2

Dr. Sebi, a doctor known for curing every disease known to man, taught that people should avoid eating man-made food (Genetically Modified, Hybrid, Seedless Varieties, Processed Food, Pasteurized, et cetera.)

“If nature didn’t make it, don’t take it” -Dr. Sebi

I strive to always eat what is made by God in its natural state.  If I do cook, I do not overcook the food by using low heat. I read that our stomach needs the living enzymes, electric energy, and other living nutrients for proper digestion, in a book called the Tao of Health Sex and Longevity by Daniel P. Reid. Cooking effectively kills the nutrients and essential enzymes. Without these elements, the stomach uses our own personal supply of enzymes to digest the food. Therefore, over cooked food may actually cost us time out of our lifespan.

Dr. Sebi especially teaches to avoid starch:  The Human body is alkaline.  When starch is consumed it converts to carbonic acid in the body.  This makes the body go through the process of bringing balance to the pH level.  It does this by extracting minerals from your body, such as calcium from your bones.

The same thing happens when you consume anything that creates an acidic environment in the body.  ‘Foods’ that cause these acidic conditions are meat products with uric acid, starch with carbonic acid, any hybrid vegetable or fruit, and dairy products which cause metabolic acidosis in the body.

Raw-Vegan-Whole-Ancient-Alkaline-Native Food- Diet is preferred by the human body.

By native, I am taking into consideration that people may experience greater health by eating native plants and fruits from their homeland of ancestral origins.

The question of protein is usually the first thing people ask about. We do not need to eat existing protein!  It is much more difficult for the body to take in an acidic substance like meat, have to deal with the acidity as well as break down the complex animal protein to then create human protein.  Much easier for the body to take the free floating amino acids from alkaline fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and herbs, to then be assembles to make human protein.  Also I will warn that many doctors are aware that animal protein promotes the growth of cancer cells.

Next you might want to ask about B-12.  Well, B-12 deficiency exists for the entire human race.  People who eat meat are just as deficient as those who do not.  However, B-12 is found abundant in alfalfa and sea weed.  It is also found on natural wild edible plants, or your pesticide free home garden, if the food is eaten without rinsing.

“Oh, where am I going to get my vitamin A if you don’t want me eating my starchy sweet potato?” Well, Alfalfa, Burdock, Dandelion, Kelp, Marshmallow, Parsley, Raspberry, Red Clover, Watercress, and/or Yellow Dock. God’s food of course!  God made food for us that is convenient and easy to find and eat, we don’t need to go digging in the ground.  These ‘weeds’ as they call them today, are abundant in nature and will more than likely grow in your front yard if you stop mowing the lawn.

I use herbs, fruits, whole grains and vegetables as my medicine.  Socrates, the father of medicine said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I do not use man-made vitamin supplements, drugs, or pills of any kind. They contain too many chemicals, preservatives and other contaminants.  If nature didn’t make it, don’t take it.


I do not eat meat or animal products either. Meat is the leading cause of heart disease and even the bible says repeatedly that we should not eat blood.  Don’t believe me that meat is unhealthy?  Look at the research provided by Dr. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn.  Personally, don’t believe that meat is unhealthy for everyone.  I believe it has more to do with the quality of the meat, how it is being eaten, and if you have a blood type that is compatible with meat consumption.

After being introduced to trophology, the science of food combining, I took the study even further and found a lot of supporting articles and books on the subject.  Many foods do not mix well together and prohibit the digestive system from being able to assimilate the nutrients you believe you are getting.  When combined in the stomach they create all sorts of toxic chemicals instead.  Some of these bad combinations are Starch and Protein (like rice and beans or meat with potatoes), Protein with other Proteins (like cheese on your burger), Protein with Acid (like desert after a big steak), and Starch with Acid (like toast and jam).  The American diet seems to be made of the worst possible food combinations.  That creates a horrible situation for your stomach and colon, no matter how good the party was for your mouth.

Personally I prefer to eat one type of food at a time and avoid combining all together.  But in doing this, trophology is still necessary, because I use the knowledge to figure out what food or drink I should have next. Also how long I should wait between meals.

I read Dr. Schuessler’s book, The Biochemic Handbook.  Apparently the human body is built on a pillar of salts; the Biochemical Cell Salts.  The best way to ingest these cell salts, which build the inorganic matter in your body such as muscles, tissues, organs, glands, et cetera, is to consume herbs, fruits, seeds, grains and vegetables in their living raw state. Eating a variety of food that ensures a balanced intake of these minerals is essential to health, and to creating gardens that provide holistic health. This diet can not only heal you by eliminating dis-ease and bringing you ease; it can quite literally give you new parts to rebuild your body into a new man or woman!

Not eating a healthy diet will make the body starve for nutrition and bring dis-ease.  And if you have children to feed, I pray you realize that this information is available to everyone. Please take advantage of these resources and feed you children with greater understanding of the human body and what it requires for the body to thrive.


It’s too expensive for me to eat herbs, fruits and vegetables from the grocery store all the time; especially since I want to eat organic, so I grow as much food as possible.  I work for organic farms in trade for fresh produce and herbs.  After studying herbs, I’ve noticed that there is always wild herbs that are perfectly edible.  Some are much more nutritious than any vegetable you buy from the grocery store or that are cultivated, guaranteed.  Local native edible plants require zero maintenance and provide an abundance of food.  You can have a complete set of natives that ensures year round harvesting.

I would like to encourage people to stop maintaining their lawns, and grow a homestead garden instead.  A one-quarter-acre home can grow enough food to sustain at least six people, if designed correctly; and with not much effort.  There can be a symbiosis relationship within neighborhoods for food sharing efforts.  Not to mention possible land tax exemptions if you start a homesteading project on your property.

Seeds are a lot less expensive.  Nut and fruit trees are an investment that lasts. They produce enough fruit and nuts to pay for themselves in no time.

Another great innovation are local community food forest projects.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to walk the neighborhood and be able to pick fresh fruits and vegetables for free in your local area? A trip to the grocery store will convert to a walk in nature.

If food was growing everywhere, it would not be scarce or controlled. It can help to eliminate stress and free our minds to become more of our true selves.  Not to mention our health would dramatically increase and less visits to the hospitals would be necessary.  The lack of scarcity would eliminate any idea of an ‘over populated’ humanity.  We could also be independent and free from needing foreign food supplies. The road to self sustainability can free us from the chains of our wasteful, poisonous, and murderous ‘modern society’.

Let us face the facts; ‘the system’ is one of dependency.  There is another category of people who are dependent of their masters; they are called slaves.  That is all we will amount to, so long as we continue to be dependent on this ‘system’ of control.

We can be healthy and free, if we decide to take care of ourselves and realize our oneness with nature.

Nobody put a gun to our heads and said, ‘eat McDonalds’ or else!’  We decide everything we put into our mouths, and we are the ones responsible for maintaining our health.  Only we can save ourselves.

We are the ones who buy the food at the grocery stores, and so we are the ones responsible for what the corporations produce.  And if we keep buying food from corporations that use unhealthy ingredients and processing, then we feed more fuel to the fire.  Especially when we support meat production and conventionally grown food.  Which is stripping the nutrients from the soil at large all around the world and even poisoning our aquifers, streams and lakes, as well as causing dead zones in these bodies of water including coastlines and seas.

15359680455_2896f4fea5_o (1)

That’s why I stopped protesting.  I stopped complaining.  I realized that I unintentionally helped create everything I felt was wrong in this world; just by shopping and supporting products from unethical, unhealthy, and irresponsible companies.  The only way I feel I can help to truly rectify our economic crisis, is to boycott everything that is of no benefit to human health and supporting products from companies that are ethical and healthy.

I define the ‘economic crisis’ as an economy that makes most of its money by selling poison to the people and destroying the Earth in the process.  So to me, the crisis is not coming, it’s already here.  It’s been here the whole time.

 The only way we can help improve the world is not by fighting, but by supporting a different idea.  It isn’t a new idea.  It’s been around for hundreds of thousands if not millions of years.  Today we call it permaculture.  An idea that sustains the earth, and the prosperity of the human race all at once.  Please spare some time to at least look into the subjects in bold letters.  I promise you, that you won’t regret it.


Photo Credits:

First Photo is one I took at Wassaic New York.  The other photos in this article are from the creative commons on Flickr.com


The Wall St. Occupation


The towers that block the skies from the streets of Manhattan are impressive to look upon.  At first I marveled at these structures, however now it feels more like a gloomy obstacle to overcome in our struggle towards peace, and social equality.


On the streets below, people are struggling.  Wages are too low, jobs are scarce, and debts are too high. Homes are empty yet people are forced to live in the streets.  The system we thought gave such great opportunities, seems to be the bars and chains that are holding us all back from fulfilling our dreams.


We get out of the rat race for a moment and we choose to assemble.  To demonstrate in hopes that our fellow brothers and sisters can take notice, and hear our call.  A call for righteousness; a cry for help.  An invitations to unify as peaceful warriors of truth. A call to humanity for the re-evaluation of the values praised in our society.  A call for change; not change a single person can give to a nation, but change that together we can work towards to give ourselves.



People were motivated to take action towards the change they want to see in the world.  That is why so many all around the world are marching in the streets.  Not to disrupt business as usual so you can be pissed off about the inconvenience, but to disrupt business that is preventing the progress of humane evolution.


However, our efforts to create a better world for humanity are met by some adversities.


Don’t know if you are aware of it, but the police lead the Occupy Wall St., hereinafter OWS, protestors off of their planned route and into the streets of the Brooklyn Bridge to corral and arrest them.

This photograph proves it.  The police are on the road leading the crowd onto the ramp to meet vehicular traffic on the bridge.  The OWS protestors on the overpass walkway look back and witness this trap taking place:



What followed was the mass arrest that made history and motivated more people to get involved with the occupation of Wall Street.

_MED5668    _MED5568_MED5797


I was amazed that so many people, exercising a constitutional right, were herded like animals to be charged and processed as criminals.  My perspective of a criminal is not a non-violent activist who marches for positive change in our society.  I’m not judging, but aren’t the activities of our most powerful corporations the more likely criminal suspects? However, they do not violate the laws of Man do they?  As members of a corporation, they have limited liability, and the corporation can only be sued.  You can’t put Ronald McDonald in prison; doesn’t matter if he puts toxic ingredients in his happy meals.  These laws being broken are Gods laws, and only God can judge them.

As a long standing activist in the Occupy movement, I do not believe it is our role to judge who is causing the injustices in our society.  Nor do I  believe that we should scold and yell at, persecute, or condemn any person or group of people committing acts of injustice; not with our thoughts, words, or our actions.  Karma will give justice when the hour is perfect. I feel our roll is to learn what doesn’t work in our society and what is causing diseases, deaths and inequality.  Once we have learned what the problem is, it’s our role to develope the solution and to live towards the manifestation of those solutions; one step at a time, day by day.  Activism isn’t a one day, two week, or three month role.  Activism is a lifestyle.

I believe the marches and occupations should remain peaceful and focused on the positive change it wants to create in the society.  Not to seek an eye for an eye, but to create a new model that will operate in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of the source of our struggles to ever resurface.  Marches and activists events are meant to gain attention and to educate.  Following through and leading by example by living the change we want to see is the next step.  Thats how I choose to think about it.  I’m not trying to force anybody to think of it my way.  I’m intent is to express my completely and give you a my perspective.  I hope that sharing these thoughts can help us in some way.


Photographed and Written By:

-Jose O. Mediavilla

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New York City


Well, I didn’t arrive at New York by boat.  Not in this life anyways.  This is just a cool shot I took with my point-and-shoot on the Staten Island Fairy.  I miss that camera. I wish it never broke on me, but I guess that’s what cheap cameras do.

I went to New York to pursue a career in still and motion picture taking.  I started out slaving for the fashion industry.  My top goal was to become a cinematographer for movies, but the movies I love the best are all shot by cinematographers with a background in photography.

Here are some shots I took of models for my portfolio to find work in New York:

Hallie Wage





I interned at a photography studio called Milk Studios for a while.  All I did was move equipment back and forth from studio to equipment room and from equipment room back to the studios.  Plus taking out the trash, and sweeping water off the roof after a rainy day.  After six months they started calling me in to work as a freelancer.  I made about $350 a month.

Then I landed another internship with Lachlan Bailey, a great photographer who creates beautiful lighting in his photos.  I was excited to see him work.  At the end of the internship, my final critique from his studio manager was, ‘You’re no good with colors, you suck at retouching (which is editing photos to create untrue curves, fake flawless faces, and fake colors) and you work too slow.’

The industry doesn’t just want quality fake stuff, they want it fast too.

I noticed this trend everywhere. Even on television, everyone seems to be obsessed with time limits and races.  I lived like that for seven years in the Marine Corps.

Documentation of Recruit Training

I had to do what I was told, when I was told to do it, and I had to do it with a sense of urgency.  I’m not about living or working in that kind of environment anymore. I want to enjoy my work and my life and I feel I’ve earned that right.

I also want to be able to support my fellow man out there struggling in this world.  We’re all basically trying to do the same thing; It’s our pursuit of happiness. We’re all working hard to utilize our skills and talents so we can make a living doing things we like to do.

In my apartment in Bushwick, I watched almost all of the documentaries that Netflix had to offer.  After watching a documentary on a subject like peek oil, or corporations in America, I would go and research for hours on the web.  I had tons of concerns on every subject imaginable, with no idea what to do to turn any of it around.  I was frustrated and angry.  I watched protests happening all around the world, and I was hoping that something would take place here in America.

The biggest corporations tied to the United States are just about all directly related to every major human and environmental discrepancy on this planet.  “We have to do something!”  I would screamed out after every documentary I saw; one after the other, illustrating the horrors in this world caused by corporate greed alone.

I want to get the poison out of our water; I want healthy food to be affordable for everyone; I want everyone to have a home;  for industries to stop destroying our planet, stop abusing people, animals and the Earth to make an income of monopoly money that devalues steadily throughout time; I want people to have fair wages, reasonable health care that uses natural cures instead of pharmaceutical ‘treatments’; and so much more that everything I just mentioned doesn’t even scratch the surface on all the issues I feel need to be changed to create a sane society!  People call me crazy sometimes, but after years of research I can’t help but think that the society operating under the vail of the United States is completely mad!


At first I wanted to retaliate.  Most people feel the same way, ‘at-first’; after we realize that somethings got to give, and we need to start doing something now!  Yes, ‘at-first’ we feel like it’s little-old-us working against the ‘great powers’ that seemingly rule this planet. I thought we needed to ‘fight’ to bring positive change, but I felt hopeless.  I felt as if I was just one small pond on a chess board facing an army, and I didn’t even know how to play chess.

Then I saw a post, an invitation to occupy Wall Street.  A long-term protest to peacefully influence change.  I was stoked!  I was waiting for September 17th to come almost a month before the occupation began.  When the day finally came,  I realized a profound truth that will never escape my mind.





I want to help make the world a better place, but I’m not the only one.  No sir! I am not alone on this one, and neither are you.  We are all one, but we are all so many!  And we don’t need to fight, we need to Love.  Love ourselves enough to stand up for something we believe in.  Just like Martin Luther King Jr.  said, “…And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because Conscience tells him it is right.”


Photographed and Written By

-Jose O. Mediavilla

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Children of God

Southeast Asia is beautiful!




When I roamed throughout Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Korea, the scene was all so similar.  Very beautiful! However, the image that I can never get out of my mind, was of all the children that came to me begging. So many children; hungry, dirty with rotting teeth, wanting, pleading, crying.

I didn’t see myself as a wealthy man.  I believed I was a servant of my country; a U.S. Marine combat photographer on assignment.  They saw a man with plenty to offer.  When my pockets were empty, they thought me to be a liar.  One girl shed tears in despair when I bought post cards from another child and I didn’t have enough for hers.  “But, what about my business?”  she cried.



These children play cards in a tent made of wood and tarp.


Most people lived in simple shelters with roofs made of palm leaves.


For those who live along the river, it is their water source for all purposes.  I’ve seen people bath, catch fish, drink water, and even poop in the same river.


In the mountains of Laos, I met a tribe of people who let their children smoke.  I even witnessed a mother put a cigarette to her babies mouth to stop him from crying.  Almost everyone carried their own personal bong that they smoked out of.  An old man packed his pipe with random dried leaves he found on the ground.






In Vietnam I saw a young girl rowing a boat solo without a parent in sight.


Children in these countries seem to be more independent and on their own and at a much younger age than any American would ever dream of letting their children roam free.


My empathy goes out to all children living in such rough conditions. Most especially, my prayers go to starving children.

I’m sharing a link below to a site I found with some interesting facts about hunger.


Can we as human beings, be humane enough to feed the children of God on this Earth?  Is it necessary for so many to die with such neglect and lack of empathy when there are people wealthy enough to buy purses worth thousands and homes worth millions?

At Occupy Wall Street I was given my first activist t-shirt.  It said two simple words, “Greed Kills.”

I have faith that our society will correct the errors of our ways.  I believe that a lesson we must all learn is how to give, and give often.  In this world, where we reap what we sow, it’s time we start sowing more good deeds more often.

Why not start by nurturing God’s children and empowering them to nurture their own communities?

I am convinced that permaculture is the solution to many starving communities around the world.  I pray that we can all take some time to study the subject, share the knowledge, and apply it’s principles. I hope you all can join me in the efforts of building a more positive environment for our communities to live in.


Photographed and Written By

-Jose O. Mediavilla

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The Wanderers


Who are the wanderers? We see them sitting or lying on the sidewalks, city parks, and subways; taking a rest, playing music for some spare change or holding signs, begging for your help.

So who are they?

How did they get in such impoverished conditions?


They are mostly forgotten heros.  Honorable people of America who took the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom for all. Once regarded with honor, now living a lonely existence full of scarcity and found wanting.  Many live haunted by nightmares of war and many take their own lives to relieve their pain.

How is this possible?

How can a country treat their heros with such alienation and disregard?

Could it be that the people do not believe in the wars it’s country is participating in? Are our soldiers fighting a noble cause, or are they simply mercenaries working for monetary interests?  What is the truth? Because I’m sure we are all familiar with the lies by now.



The wanderers are also people like you and me.  It could have been you that lost your job, your house, your savings, or your car (which would cause anyone to loose their minds).

We are responsible.  We caused it.  It’s our fault, because we are neglecting them.  And to neglect any person is to neglect yourself, because we are all One.

I do not fear for them.  I am excited for them, because I believe that we can fix this. I know we can fix this.


Next time you see a wanderer in the streets, seemingly alone and in need, please take some time to say, “Hello! How may I be of service?”  If you were in his or her position, would you not like someone to be of service to you?  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have money in your pockets.  A lot of these wanderers simply need a lift in spirit, by being treated as an equal and spoken to as loved ones.

Simple acts of kindness may do a world of a difference, but if we want to see this challenge brought to harmony, we must learn to be more of a loving community that truly provides for all people.  I propose that we stop looking to our governments for the answers and start looking at ourselves.  You might say, “Yeah right, what can I do?” We’ll probably only a little bit.  But if we all do a little bit, together we will accomplish a lot.  We just might live up to our humanity and be humane.

I have ideas of how to resolve the matter of poverty in a larger scale.  Like I mentioned on an earlier post, we begin with Love; then we build a new society.  Not to destroy what already exist, but to create a new system, another option, that is based off love.  A new union of people, coming together to live the change we want to see in the world.  All things are possible, if we can only sacrifice the old paradigm, then we might work together in manifesting our hopes and dreams for society.

We can talk all we want, but if we don’t go out there and do the work then it wont come about.  The hour to start working on the solution is now.  Follow your loving hearts, who wants prosperity and love for all beings.

I challenge you to give it a try.






Thank You for taking the time to meditate on these things.  I hope you like my photos, which are of people I’ve meet while on the path in New York, and in Florida.


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